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Searching Parish Records online

There are many websites offering online records, but the one that stands out above the rest is TheGenealogist. This is a vast online research site, holding complete BMD and census records, along with Parish Registers, military records, directories, non-conformist records, and much more.

Parish records are available in two formats - transcripts/database records and searchable printed books. The database records consist of easily searched transcripts of the original records which allow you to search on various fields and may also have linked images of the original registers. The searchable books consist of indexed books that were transcribed and published many years ago, many over 110 years old. These transcript books have then been OCR'd (Optical Character Recognition) to turn the pages into searchable text.

The Following Parishes are Available at TheGenealogist

  • Askham Baptisms 1566-1812
  • Askham Burials 1566-1812
  • Askham Marriages 1566-1812
  • Bampton Baptisms 1651-1812
  • Bampton Burials 1637-1812
  • Bampton Marriages 1637-1812
  • Barton Baptisms 1666-1812
  • Barton Burials 1666-1830
  • Barton Marriages 1666-1812
  • Brough Under Stainmore Baptisms 1559-1812
  • Brough Under Stainmore Burials 1556-1706
  • Brough Under Stainmore Marriages 1560-1706
  • Kendal Baptisms 1558-1631
  • Kendal Burials 1591-1631
  • Kendal Marriages 1591-1631
  • Newbiggen Baptisms 1571-1812
  • Newbiggen Burials 1571-1812
  • Newbiggen Marriages 1571-1812
  • The Register Of Brough Under Stainmore Banns 1758-1792
  • The Register Of Brough Under Stainmore Burials 1706-1812
  • The Register Of Brough Under Stainmore Marriages 1706-1812

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