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Parish Registers On CD

With more and more people interested in researching their family history using their computer, there is demand for old records to be made available for viewing on CDs. Most of the old Parish Records are on either microfiche and microfilm, or in a book. Specialist companies like S&N Genealogy Supplies have made Parish Records available on CD by scanning in each microfiche, microfilm, and book and making them available to purchase through secure websites.

These results are listed by county - simply click on a County to view results in that area. If you would rather look at Parish Registers online, we have more information here. If you cannot find what you are looking for, the GENfair website lists thousands of products from hundreds of suppliers, so you may be able to find it there.

Shropshire *Parish Records Set 1*

This CD covers the parishes of:
Battlefield 1665-1812
Billingsley 1625-1805
Chelmarsh 1557-1812
Chirbury 1629-1812
Claverley 1568-1837
Clunbury 1574-1812
Cressage 1605-1812
Ford 1590-1812
Harley 1590-1812
Hopton Castle 1538-1812
Hopton Wafers 1660-1812
Hughley 1576-1812
Kinnerley 1677-1812
Ludlow 1558-1812
Lydham 1596-1812
Melverley 1723-1813
Meole Brace 1663-1837
Monk Hopton 1698-1812
More 1570-1812
Neenton 1661-1805
Norbury 1560-1812
Oswestry 1558-1669
Oswestry 2 1669-1727
Oswestry 3 1727-1812
Pitchford 1559-1812
Selattyn 1556-1812
Sheinton 1658-1812
Shipton 1538-1812
Sibdon Carwood 1538-1812
Smethcote 1613-1812
Stapleton 1546-1812
Stoke St. Milborough 1654-1812
Westbury 1637-1812

Shropshire *Parish Records Set 1*


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